6 Jun 2023


From bits to qubits: quantum computing and quantum simulation

Institute of Advanced Studies - Sala Rossa, Palazzo Marchesini, Via Marsala, 26 - Bologna - In presence and online event

Can quantum computers have an advantage over classical computers?

8 Jun 2023


3# Waiting for Euclid - The Dark Motion of the Universe

Aula della Specola, via Zamboni 33, Bologna

We will observe the dark Universe from an unusual perspective: music.

12 Jun 2023


E-quality for science

Viale Berti Pichat, 2/c Bologna - AULA BIOMEDICA 2nd floor

Kaleidos seminar

27 Jun 2023 6 Jul 2023

Training initiatives

ISAAP 2023: Neutrino Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Villa Monastero, Fermi Hall - Viale Giovanni Polvani, 4, 23829 Varenna LC

International School in AstroParticle PhysicS June 27, 2023 - July 6, 2023 Villa Monastero, Varenna

Concluded events

4 Feb 2023 28 May 2023

Shows and festivals

The other Renaissance. Ulisse Aldrovandi and the wonders of the world

Fondazione Golinelli, Via Paolo Nanni Costa, 14, 40133, Bologna, Italia

The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to relive this extraordinary episode of European culture through scientific findings and works of art brought together for the very first time

20 May 2023 28 May 2023

Guided tours and workshops

Women's space

Specola Museum, via Zamboni 33, Bologna

Women's space

25 May 2023


Documenting the Earth’s Emission Spectrum with PREFIRE

Aula BP-2B, V.le B. Pichat, 6/2, Bologna

Models and observations unequivocally confirm that the climate is warming. Still, future projections of the associated impacts remain uncertain.

24 May 2023


Waiting for Euclid #2 The cosmic web

Salaborsa, P.zza del Nettuno, 3 - Bologna

Comparing two complex systems still full of unknown aspects: the network of galaxies that make up the universe and the network of neurons inside the human brain.

24 May 2023


Dynamics of Chemical Reaction Networks

Aula Teorici, Second Floor, Via Irnerio 46, Bologna

Prof. J.J.P. Veerman: Portland State University, USA (is visiting our Department at the invitation of the Institute of Advanced Studies of the Alma Mater)

23 May 2023



Institute of Advanced Studies - Sala Rossa, Palazzo Marchesini, Via Marsala, 26 - Bologna - In presence and online event

An Informal Introduction

21 Apr 2023 19 May 2023


“Quantum History” and “Quantum Detectors”

Accademia delle Scienze, via Zamboni 31, Bologna

The professor. Paolo Rossi (UniPI) and Dr. Rosario Nania (INFN BO) for the cycle of seminars: On the shoulders of Giants

19 May 2023


Guided Inquiry into a Physics Equation

Online meeting - on Zoom

The use of mathematics in physics can be productively conceptualized as using a language