12 Dec 2023


Integrating the gender into research

Aula Biomedica, Viale Berti Pichat 6/2 - II piano

"The European Commission promotes gender equality in research and innovation, areas in which significant barriers persist.

Concluded events

30 Nov 2023

Shows and festivals

RI[E]VOLUZIONI - With new eyes

Auditorium DamsLab, piazzetta P. P. Pasolini, 5/b, 40122 Bologna (BO)

Il Copernico

13 Nov 2023

Training initiatives

Science at the cinema review

Cinema Perla, via San Donato 38, Bologna

8.30pm Contact by R. Zemeckis. It will be commented by Marta Burgay. Entrance is free while available places last.

9 Nov 2023

Presentations and meetings

Galaxies in a supercomputer

Aula della Specola, via Zamboni 33, Bologna

How numerical simulations help us understand the evolution of the Universe

30 Oct 2023

Presentations and meetings

Open Day Master SPICES - Space Missions Science, Design and Applications

Sala Ulisse, Accademia delle Scienze, via Zamboni 31, Bologna | Da remoto su piattaforma Ms Teams

At the Open Day we will introduce you to the Master's teachers, the teaching plan, the training objectives and career prospects.

27 Oct 2023

Shows and festivals


via Gobetti 101, Bologna

Centenary of the CNR

27 Oct 2023


Peer learning in large classes: a possible challenge

Biomedical Room, viale Berti Pichat 6/2, Bologna

Opening event of a cycle of 3 seminars dedicated to innovative teaching.

25 Oct 2023


Addressing gender bias in academic assessments

AULA BIOMEDICA 2nd floor Viale Berti Pichat, 6/2, Bologna

Can strategies and measures be adopted to recognize implicit conditioning and make fairer decisions?

21 Apr 2023 19 Oct 2023


On the Shoulders of Giants 2023

Accademia delle Scienze, via Zamboni 31, Bologna

The cycle of seminars helps students explore the most current topics in physics.

6 Oct 2023


Quantum technologies in Europe

Accademia delle Scienze di Bologna, via Zamboni 31, Bologna

On the shoulders of giants

1 Oct 2023 4 Oct 2023

Guided tours and workshops

Upcoming events at the Loiano Astronomical Station - October 2023

Planetarium, Via Nazionale 11, Loiano Bologna

INAF-OAS continues with its appointments and invites you to participate in the next scheduled events.

27 Sep 2023 2 Oct 2023

Presentations and meetings

Alma Mater Fest 2023

Varie location

The university welcomes students. Check out our upcoming physics and astrophysics events.