X-ray computed tomography lab in Ravenna


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Short description

It is a laboratory in which both research and teaching activities are carried out. 

In the Laboratory, radiographic and tomographic analyses with X-rays are performed on objects up to about 1.5 m in size, with an acquisition system consisting of several components and developed by researchers from the DIFA's "X-ray imaging Group". Although X-ray tomography is a very versatile technique, widely used in the medical, industrial and cultural heritage fields, in this specific case, the main applications concern works of art and archaeological finds of various kinds and size. If necessary, the instruments can be transferred to Museums or Conservation and Restoration Centers, in order to carry out the investigations also on-site. 

Research themes

  • Digital radiography of paintings 
  • X-ray Computed Tomography applied to works of art and archaeological finds  


  • X-ray tube (200 kV, 6 mA)
  • Flat panel digital detector
  • CCD camera optically coupled to CsI (Tl) scintillator screen
  • Motorized translation axes for detector and X-ray tube
  • Rotary table

Teaching and training

The X-ray Computed Tomography Laboratory offers its resources to support: 

  • Laboratory activities for the following courses of the University of Bologna: Single Cycle Degree in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage and 2nd cycle Degree in Science for the conservation-restoration of Cultural Heritage
  • Development of degree thesis


Maria Pia Morigi

Associate Professor