Applied physics and complex systems

Interdisciplinary application of physics modelling and analysis methods (computational and experimental) to biology, medicine, environment, complex systems and cultural heritage

The research activity is focused in areas characterized by a strong interdisciplinarity: Biology and Medicine, Environmental Science, Cultural Heritage, Accelerator Physics and Complex Systems. The main experimental techniques range from electrophysiology to microscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and X-ray. Various mathematical models (deterministic, stochastic, network theory) are used to characterize biomedical, environmental, social and financial phenomena.

The groups are involved in several research projects at National (PRIN, private funding) and European level (H2020, ERA-NET) on issues of high social impact (genomics of cancer and aging, environmental impact of climate change and human activity, archaeometry, X-ray dosimetry and development of new detectors, algorithms for automated diagnosis).

The research is performed in cooperation with private companies (research & development, consulting), research centers and international universities (Brown University, Cambridge University, CNRS Marseille, ETH Zurich), National Institutes (CNR, INBB, INFN, SISSA).


Giuseppe Baldazzi

Assistant professor

keywords: Multi-Energy monochromatic beams Radiology, X and gamma radiation Detectors, X-ray Linear Absorption Coefficient,

Armando Bazzani

Associate Professor

keywords: Phisycs of complex systems, non linear dynamics, physics of the city, accelerator physics

Andrea Contin


keywords: deep inelastic scattering, nuclear and subnuclear experimental physics, astroparticle physics, hadron colliders,
keywords: machine learning, predictive maintenance, computing center, log analysis, evolving systems, decision making under

Roberta Guerra

Assistant professor

keywords: coastal ocean, ocean pollution, sediment biogeochemistry, carbon cycle in continental margins, ocean acidification and

Nico Lanconelli

Associate Professor

Diego Marazza

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

keywords: Sustainability reporting and assessment, Environmental Management, LCA, system analysis, system dynamics, land use

Maria Pia Morigi

Assistant professor

keywords: Digital radiography, High energy electron beam dosimetry, X-ray Computed Tomography, Multispectral imaging, Cultural

Sandro Rambaldi

Associate Professor

keywords: physics of the city, non linear dynamics, Physics of complex systems, numerical model
keywords: Network Theory, Advanced Data Analysis, Systems Biology, Bioinformatics, Stochastic modelling, Biophysics

Serena Righi

Assistant professor

keywords: Environmental Impact Assessment, Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental radioactivity, Air pollution, Environmental

Claudia Sala

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Claudia Testa

Associate Professor

keywords: neuroimaging
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