Semiconductor sensor laboratory


Semiconductor sensor Lab C031-1

Semiconductor sensor Lab C031-2

Short description

It is a laboratory where research and teaching activities are carried out about organic materials properties and their functionalization to create a novel generation of bioelectronic interfaces. We fabricate OECT sensors as soft biocompatible scaffold and investigate in detail properties of conducting polymers as promising materials for tissue engineering applications.

Research themes

  • flexible optoelectronics 


  • 3D printer 
  • Water distiller 
  • optical microscope 
  • high precision analytical balance 
  • Keithley 2400 
  • setup for electrodeposition and electrochemical measurements 

Advisory services

SSL carries out activities ‘Conto terzi’ for industrial innovation needs; a scientific collaboration is ongoing  with the company ‘Polynt’ (Italia) on the topic: ‘Characterization of microparticle surface adhesion and electrostatic properties using Atomic Force Microscopy’. 

Teaching and training

The PF laboratory offers its resources to support: 

  • Thesis development (LT/LM in Physics, MANO curriculum) 
  • Development of research projects for PhD students and postdoctoral students  


Beatrice Fraboni

Full Professor