Photocurrent spectroscopy - PC


It is a laboratory where research and teaching activities are carried out (degree in Physics, master's degree in Physics, PhD in Physics) aimed in particular at three-year and master's degree students and doctoral students. Spectral photocurrent and optical absorption measurements are carried out in the visible and NIR range. 

In the laboratory there are: QTH and Xenon lamps, monochromators, sample-holder chambers in controlled conditions, lock-in amplifiers, computers, data acquisition cards, optical and electronic components (filters, pre-amplifiers, etc.). 


  • Study of optical properties of solids, optical spectra, spectral photocurrent 
  • Defective states in the below band gap region of organic and inorganic semiconductors, 
  • Study of the absorption spectra of nanostructured materials. 
  • Quantum dot emission spectra. 


  • Xe and QTH lamps, and the relative power suppliers 
  • SPEX 500M monochromator 
  • Stanford Research System Lock-in Amplifier 


The PC laboratory offers its resources to support: 

  • Development of degree thesis (L in physics, LM in Physics, MANO curriculum) 
  • Laboratory activities for teaching LM Physics, MANO curriculum "LABORATORY OF CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS" 
  • Development of research projects for PhD students and postdoctoral students 


Daniela Cavalcoli

Associate Professor



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