Nano-micro fabrication



Short description

It is a laboratory where research, teaching activity concerning the deposition and electrical characterization of organic and hybrid semiconductors for bioelectronics are carried out. 

In particular, the Laboratory is dedicated to the manufacture and study of the physical properties of new materials as innovative candidates for innovative flexible, transparent and wearable electronic devices. 

Research themes

  • Nanostructured organic semiconductors for smart textiles and bioelectronics 
  • High mobility oxides for flexible and transparent electronic devices 


  • N°2 Chemical hoods 
  • Spin coater 
  • vacuum pump 
  • balance 
  • stove forced ventilation  Argolab 
  • plasma cleaner 
  • microwriter for litography 
  • Doctor blade 
  • N°2 Hotplate 
  • Optical microscope 
  • Ultrasonic bath 
  • screen printing frame 

Advisory services

NMF carries out activities ‘Conto terzi’ for industrial innovation needs; a scientific collaboration is ongoing  with the company "DSM Nutritional Products (Switzerland) on the topic:" Develop prototype sensors for the measurement of lipophilic vitamins in DSM Products. 

Teaching and training

The NMF laboratory offers its resources to support: 

  • Thesis development (LT/LM in Physics, MANO curriculum) 
  • Development of research projects for PhD students and postdoctoral students


Beatrice Fraboni

Full Professor