Medical imaging lab

Short description

The Medical Imaging Lab t is a laboratory where research and teaching activities are carried out. 

In the lab it is possible to carry out diagnostic investigation using microwaves. Imaging applications are studied, mainly in the medical field. Simulations and acquisitions can be carried out on experimental devices. It is also possible to perform acquisition, reconstruction and processing of different types of images, both in the medical and in other fields of application. 


  • Microwave imaging equipment: Vector Network Analyzer (VNA), antennas 
  • Dedicated monitors for viewing medical images 
  • Computer for simulation, acquisition and image processing 

Teaching and training

The Medical Imaging Lab offers its resources to support: 

  • Laboratory tests for master's degree courses in the field of medical imaging and image processing 
  • Development of degree thesis 
  • Development of research projects for PhD and post-doc students