Advanced tomography laboratory – MECT


the MECT experimental tomograph


between the bremsstrahlung spectra of the RX beams (left) and the spectra of the quasi-monochromatic beams used in the MECT (right)


A new Multi-Energy Computed Tomograph (MECT) for pre-clinical studies is operative in this laboratory. The system makes use of a set of quasi-monochromatic X-ray beams, produced with innovative techniques, with energy tunable in a range from 20 to 70 keV. This MECT is the foundation and the advanced research tool to allow the evolution of clinical tomography. It allows you to perform a semi-chemical analysis of biological tissues as well as to “delete” a tissue from the image as in RM Inversion Recovery techniques. 

MECT is an experimental tool subject to the continuous improvements that research allows us to operate. 


  • New imaging techniques for medical diagnostics 
  • Development of new Multy Enargy Computed Tomography algorithms 
  • Measurement of linear attenuation coefficients of healthy and pathological tissues 
  • Development of new targets to produce quasi-monochromatic beams 


  • MECT experimental tomograph 
  • RX tube 150 kV, 800 mA 
  • Bragg monochromator with highly oriented pyrolytic graphite crystals 


The MECT Lab offers its resources to support: 

  • Esercitazioni di corsi triennali e magistrali nell'ambito dell’idraulica e delle costruzioni idrauliche 
  • Exercises for the Applied Physics Laboratory Course  
  • Development of degree thesis 
  • Development of research projects for PhD students and post-doc students