Laboratory of cryogenic detectors





Short description

It is a laboratory in which research on  neutrino detection in cryogenic detectors are carried out. 
In particular detection of particle accelerators neutrino interactions. 

Research themes

  • tests of the operation of light detectors, specifically  Silicon Photomultiplier  or SiPM, immersed in cryogenic fluids (nitrogen / liquid argon) for the  detection of accelerator neutrinos
  • Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics
  • NU@FNAL, CUORE experiments
  • tests of cold front end electronics 
  • Functional test of theShort-Baseline Neutrino (SBN) Icarus detector PMT power supply system
  • Development of the slow-control of the PMTs of Icarus 


  • Liquid nitrogen dewars 
  • High voltage power supplies
  • Class 3R or 3B laser, wavelength 407nm
  • AI / AO connection cards with Ethernet interface
  • 1 pc for seismometric data processing (Heart), 1 pc for graphic interface development (Icarus) 

Teaching and training

The Cryogenic Detectors Laboratory offers its resources to support development of research projects for PhD students and postdoctoral students.


Stefano Zucchelli

Associate Professor