Engineering seismology

We study the dynamic response of soils and structures and their interaction for both the goals of urban planning (seismic microzonation) and the design and retrofit of structures and infrastructures.

Our research aims at improving the modern seismic prospection techniques and the data inversion/interpretation. We study and apply seismic, electrical, gravimetric exploration methods to assess the subsoil properties down to a few km depth.

We work extensively on the single/two-station approach for the dynamic characterization and continuous monitoring of structures and for the assessment of the efficacy of the retrofit actions and seismic insulation devices.

We also work on the vibration analysis in a wider sense, that is also in terms of vibrations that can induce damages to structures (e.g., traffic, explosions) and disturb humans.


Mainly from contracts with private engineering companies and public geological survey offices and similar.

Group coordinator

Silvia Castellaro

Associate Professor

Group members

Giulia Sgattoni

Research fellow

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