Teacher education

Interdisciplinarity, co-design, STEM, preservice and inservice teacher education, co-teaching

The research theme of teacher education has been addressed by the Bologna research group since the sixties, and systematically followed the changes within the Italian reforms for certification of physics teachers at secondary level.

Currently, the research has focused on the study of the processes through which the teachers appropriate teaching proposals developed by physics education research, as well as on models of co-teaching to address interdisciplinary themes. In particular, research on pre-service teacher education is addressed with the European Erasmus + IDENTITIES project (Integrate Disciplines to Elaborate Novel Teaching approaches to Intradisciplinarity and Innovate pre-service teacher Education for STEM challenges), launched in September 2019.

Expert teachers, as well researchers from different disciplinary fields (mathematics, computer science, philosophy and linguistic education), are involved in co-designing, implementing and analysing the materials for teacher education.

Settori ERC

PE2_16 General physics 

SH4_11 Education: systems and institutions, teaching and learning

SH4_14 Teaching and learning

National and international partnerships

IDENTITIES: Integrate Disciplines to Elaborate Novel Teaching approaches to IntTerdisciplinarity and Innovate pre-service teacher Education for STEM challenges (ERASMUS +, 2019-1-IT02-KA203-063184, 01/09/2019 - 31/08/2022. Coordinatore: Olivia Levrini, Università di Bologna (www.identitiesproject.eu)

PIANO LAUREE SCIENTIFICHE (National project with the aim of improving the connection between secondary schools and scientific departments) (http://www.pls.unibo.it/it/fisica)

DIFA members

Eleonora Barelli

Adjunct professor

Research fellow

Teaching tutor

Olivia Levrini

Associate Professor

Sara Satanassi

PhD Student

Research fellow

Teaching tutor

Giulia Tasquier

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

UNIBO collaborators

Other members

  • Paola Fantini

    Liceo A. Einstein, Rimini

  • Veronica Bagaglini


  • Laura Branchetti


Produzione scientifica

Ambrosis, A. D., & Levrini, O. (2010). How physics teachers approach innovation: An empirical study for reconstructing the appropriation path in the case of special relativity. Physical Review Special Topics - Physics Education Research, 6(2). doi: 10.1103/physrevstper.6.020107