Photographic contest on 'Symmetry in Mathematics and Physics'

Photographic contest on 'Symmetry in Mathematics and Physics'

1st Photographic Contest "Symmetry in Mathematics and Physics" - on the applications of differential geometry and representation theory to physics and AI. Open to students and teachers.

Published: 21 March 2024 | Incontri e iniziative

Photographic contest on 'Symmetry in Mathematics and Physics'


A photographic contest on the theme of 'Symmetry in mathematics and physics' is launched by COST Action 21109, CaLISTA. The rules are the following:


    A picture representing some aspect of 'Symmetry in Mathematics and Physics' should be sent to the CaLISTA email address

    The picture's weight, in jpg/jpeg format, must be around 1MB-10MB, so it can be sent by email easily.

    In the body of the message, the participant should give their full information (name, last name, affiliation) and a declaration that the picture was taken by him/her solely and was not altered.

    The participant should also give explicit permission to display the picture if selected publicly.

    The participant should also send a .pdf file with a short essay (250 to 500 words) explaining why the picture is related to the theme 'Symmetry in Mathematics and Physics'.

    The prize is a maximum of 500 Euros of expenses reimbursement towards participation in the CaLISTA Workshop 'Geometry Informed Machine Learning', which will take place from 2 to 5 September 2024 in Paris. The winner will have the opportunity to present the picture as a poster during the meeting.

    The opening date is the 1st of April, and the closing date is the 31st of May.

    The decision will be made by mid-June.

    The jury consists of the leader of Working Group 5, the Science Communication Manager, the Action Chair, and a representative of the Grant Holder. The vice chair and other WG Leaders will serve as substitutes.