5th Physical Sensing and Processing summer school

5th Physical Sensing and Processing summer school

is open for applications: deadline 2 June 2023

Published: 19 April 2023 | In Ateneo

The 5th Physical Sensing and Processing summer school organised by the Department of Physics and Astronomy - University of Bologna, to be held in Bologna, 17-21 July 2023 is open for applications (deadline 2 June 2023).

More details can be found on the website:  https://site.unibo.it/school-physical-sensing-and-processing/en 

The school will introduce students to the fundamentals of physics measurements and experiments. The program of  the school is conceived to be attractive for Master and PhD students. The topics of the Summer School are related to “Physics Measurements“: Interaction of radiation with matter; Sensors and detectors; Experimental techniques in Nuclear, Particle and Solid State Physics; Measurements for Atmospheric and Ocean description; Astrophysical measurements; Measurements for applications; Data acquisition, management and processing. The school is structured in lectures and hands-on sessions, designed to allow students to exercise with the topics introduced in the lectures. Given the vast variety of involved research fields, students will have a general overview of different kind of measurements in several disciplines. Consequently, the school can help in improving the multidisciplinary background of students: a basic pillar for advancement and innovation.