Acquisition of goods and services

Information on the procedures to the acquisition and supply of goods and services

All requests regarding the acquisition of goods and services must be addressed to, attaching any possible expensive estimate, specifying:

  • Features of the requested good/service
  • Funding (title holder and fund) to be charged for the expense
  • Motivation to buy

Or as an alternative, the form modulo di manifestazione dell’esigenza  in the Italian version of this website may be compiled.

Professors holders of research funds requesting the acquisition of goods and/or services which are not part of the expertise of the  Department’s technical staff will have to compile the relazione tecnica form in the Italian version of this website .

The Administration will open a “ticket” and design an operator for each request.

Ticket proceedings can be checked on

All acquisition of goods and services – for any amount - must necessarily be carried out through e-procurement:
• Agreements (Ateneo, CONSIP, Intercent-ER): purchases of any value
• Electronic Marketplace: purchases with a cost under the EU threshold (€ 40.000)

Only if the good is not available tehn it will be possible to buy from a “traditional supplier”.
Justifications pertaining to an economic advantage cannot be taken into consideration as laws impose the use of e.procurement.

The administration will consider various acquisition channels available to the Department and before ordering will notify and ask confirmation to applicant and fund holder