Laboratory of practical physics I


conservation of momentum in collisions

conservation of angular moment

measurement of the specific heat of metals

Short description

The laboratory is dedicated to teaching activities for the first cycle degrees in Physics, Astronomy and Mechatronics Engineering.   In particular, the laboratory is equipped with instrumentation that allows students to perform simple experiments concerning both mechanics and thermodynamics. 


Several devices designed for experiments on mechanics (e.g. conservation of momentum and angular momentum, Cavendish experiment) and thermodynamics (e.g. calorimetry, Ruchardt and Perrin experiments); 

  • Distance, force, temperature and pressure sensors; 
  • Microscopes and CCD cameras; 
  • DAQ platforms Elvis II (National Instruments); 
  • Personal computers. 

Teaching and training

A total of 12 workstations are available in the lab, equipped with instrumentation that allows students to perform 11 different experiments.    Most experiments need online data acquisition by means of sensors and a DAQ device connected with a personal computer. 


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