Laboratory of atmosferic physics - LFA



Short description

It is a laboratory where the experimental activity included in the course “Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics is performed by the students. The experiments are devoted, first, to the analysis of meteorological data measured by three DAVIS meteorological stations installed on the DIFA rooftop, and acquired by external sources (e.g. ARPAE, various experimental campaigns). A second group of experiments are devoted to instrument calibration (tipping bucket rain gauges) and intercomparison (psicrometers), and to the use of advanced instruments usually deployed in field campaigns for research purposes (e.g. sonic anemometers).  


  • Three meteorological stations DAVIS equipped with: cup anemometer and vane, thermometer, barometer, hygrometer, total and UV radiometer, tipping bucket raingauge.  
  • Assmann Psychrometer. 
  • Tipping bucket raingauge. 
  • Thermometers, scales, hair hygrometers. 
  • Personal computers. 

Teaching and training

LFA is mainly used to carry on the laboratory activities of the course “Laboratorio di Fisica dell’Atmosfera” for the  Master Degree in Physics of the Earth’s System. It is also available to carry on thesis work and internship.  


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