Laboratorio di Elettronica

Short description

The Laboratory is used for educational purposes. 

In the Laboratory six practical experiences are carried out related to the implementation of simple electronic circuits based on the devices analyzed during the theoretical lectures. In particular Silicon and Germanium diodes, standard TTL IC (with AND, OR, NOT, EXOR gates), Decoder/Driver, 7-Segment LED display, 4-bit Ripple Counter, Flip-Flop D and basic instrumentation. 


  • digital multimeter   
  • oscilloscope  
  • low voltage power supply 
  • function generator 
  • logic level generator 

Teching and training

The laboratory allows to curry out activities in support of the: 

  • course of Laboratorio di Elettronica, in the framework of the Bachelor Degree in Physics (third year) 
  • course of Physics Experimentations 2, in the framework of the  Bachelor Degree in  Astronomy (second year) 
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