Laboratory of Geophysics

GEOLAB hosts teaching activities dealing with the acquisition and the analysis of geophysical prospecting data, and with the solution of problems of geophysical interest with the aid of numerical techniques. 

In particular, activities involve: 

  • analysis of geo-resistivity data 
  • analysis of seismic refraction and seismic reflection data 
  • analysis of an electromagnetic seismometer 
  • earthquake location 
  • implementation in Matlab (or equivalent software) of numerical methods for the solution of ordinary and partial differential equations of geophysical relevance. 


  • 2 Sprengnether S-5100V electromagnetic seismometers 
  • 1 Geotech Instruments S-13 electromagnetic seismometer 
  • 2 NI USB-6341, X Series DAQ Device (BNC) multifunction I/O devices 
  • PCs with dedicated software for the analysis of the data produced, or connected to the different practical experiences. 

The following further instruments, used during the outdoor practical experiences, are held at the DIFA Geophysics sector building (Viale Berti PIchat 8): 

  • Geo-resistivity meter PASI E3 with accessories 
  • Geometrics ES-2401 seismometer with accessories 
  • Minibang and 4-kg sledge hammer. 

Teaching And Training 

GEOLAB offers its facilities to support the practical activities related to the following courses of the second cycle degree/two-year master in Physics of the Earth System: 

  • Laboratorio di Geofisica 1 
  • Laboratorio di Geofisica Numerica 
  • Laboratorio di Geofisica 2 


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