PhD in Astrophysics

The three-year PhD program in Astrophysics at the Physics and Astronomy Department of the University of Bologna is offered by the Department of Physics and Astronomy. It consists mostly of research activity under the supervision of the advisors.

Each year PhD student is required to attend 2-3 cycles of lessons specifically organized for them and dealing with topics of great relevance for astrophysics and cosmology. The attendance to these courses is mandatory.  Moreover, the performances of each PhD student in: 
  1. writing the summary of their scientific activity;
  2. presenting their results in talks open to the entire astrophysical community of the Bologna area (including INAF and CTAO);
  3. critically discussing their results in front of a committee
are yearly evaluated by the PhD professor board. The result of the evaluation is communicated to the PhD student and his/her tutor. The final 3-year evaluation record is notified to the Examination Board for the PhD final exam and it is part of the final evaluation.

The educational activity consists of internal courses organized by the PhD School and the attendance at specialized seminars, colloquia and national/international schools.

Students are expected to participate actively in scientific groups and to present their results in national/international meetings.

At the end of the three-year period, the students submit and defend their PhD thesis.

English is the common language of the PhD course.

The selection for the admission, open to international students, is once per year.

For further information contact the coordinator Francesco Rosario Ferraro.


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