PhD in Physics

Research Doctorate in Physics

The Ph.D. in Physics aims at completing the scientific formation in the Physical Sciences in their various articulations and in the fields actively developed in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, with the scope of forming a Researcher.

Admission to the course, which lasts three years, is by competition. The course consists of research activities, lectures and cycles of seminars. To fulfill the requirements of the Ph.D. degree one must write and discuss a thesis on original research in front of a commission of experts most of which not belonging to the University in Bologna. The present research curricula are:

  • Nuclear and subnuclear physics
  • Theoretical physics and fundamentals of physics
  • Condensed matter
  • Applied physics

Concerning researches in Nuclear, Subnuclear  and Theoretical Physics, the Doctorate is in collaboration with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics.

Please find all the information to apply for the Ph.D. Programme in Physics at the link:  .


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