PhD School of Astrophysics Francesco Lucchin

Aims of the school

The School of Astrophysics "F. Lucchin" is mainly designed for PhD students in Astronomy and Physics, but interested young researchers and younger prospective graduate students are also encouraged to apply. The school aims at providing a comprehensive background in Astronomy and Astrophysics, from both a theoretical and an observational point of view. An attempt to reach this goal is performed through several series of lectures on forefront research topics.

The school is organized in cycles of two years, with a total amount of 120 hours of lectures per cycle. Each cycle is divided into four courses of one week. Each course is focused on two topics that are relevant for PhD students working in different research fields. The courses are usually located in centres that are close to different Astronomical Observatories and/or Universities to facilitate the interaction between students and the local astronomical research groups.

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